Hello World... Again...

Hello world… again…

Well, here we are again. That WordPress “Hello world” post again.

After I stopped any activity on my old blog (graviton.me – there wasn’t much there anyway) I decided to start all over again. It’s much easier to think about blogging, and setting up the blog rather than actually writing those posts.

I was quite busy and real-life commitments which prevented me from pursuing certain things I should/always wanted to do. Also, the fact that on my previous blog I was focusing on specific category has only prevented me from writing. Trying to find relevant topics, killing my own creativity. Now I’m much smarter (not really) and decided that was a terrible idea. Why would I restrict myself? If it’s a personal blog then I should be writing about anything that comes to my mind. Didn’t blogs start as form of online diaries after all? Only with time they grew into specialized news services slowly killing print.

So what will you find here? No idea! And that’s what I’m really happy about when writing this. It’s supposed to be real, spontaneous. No more “on this week’s schedule we have a post about online marketing trends, followed by online stats for online retailers…” You get the point.

If you happen to be reading this, I’m always open to suggestions so if you have any leave them in the comments section.

Ah, special dedication to Aidan for starting his blog 30something.ie.


    1. It’s not like he’s writing on my blog. Although… guest posts.. good idea… Thanks Carlos!

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