About me

Just turned 30. Married to a beautiful wife with 2 kids. Thought I should start writing about whatever idea gets stuck in my head again.

There’s always so much one thinks would be great to share and then it’s all lost ¬†in the daily life.

Ideas are gone, opinions remain unspoken.

Why am I writing this? Even though I’m not thinking of any target group, I thought it would be incredibly entertaining to read this in the future. Just to see how I perceived world, other people, marketing and online. Perhaps to see how I was evolving through writing here.

Who am I? Online marketing specialist more and more interested in internal processes, spam and scam prevention, as well as operations. ¬†Currently living in Ireland I’m experiencing Irish hospitality, as well as vicious Irish weather. (it’s not “bad weather”, it’s “mean”, “vicious”…)

Hope you enjoy what you read here. If you want to get in touch , you can either follow me on Twitter/Google+ or simply go to contact me page.